Dolphins ’19

Josh Rosen is trending in the Miami mentions. Football is starting and we’re talking in the trenches. The Dolphins have already lost one Offensive coach. But they all seem offensive to the eyes of a sloat. Drawing hard for a hard withdrawal from watching this feces they call pro football.

Year after year since Marino retired.and coach after coach being cut or fired. This team has been something like cow manure, give or take a year two without squaller but valor. For instance the year they had Chad Pennington. When they were carried with defense and good running.

One decade later the losing is like Frozen. A lot of cartoons and a lot more losing. And through it all we’ve had game managers, brittle and feeble and like good neighbors. They announce that State Farm is there, only in niceties and fables. Instead of the violence the gridiron demands. To be tough, skilled and act like a man. Its never enough to get over the humps and while the Pats have 6 rings that look like lumps.

So hopefully we have a golden child named Rosen. And Fitzpatrick who is all world for four games or so in. But us Dolfans know the whole deal. We’ve been mediocre since we had Marino. And we just would like to be competitive for a change. And entertaining if that’s possible to arrange

Let the preseason begin with little fanfare, as Dolphins we know expect to go nowhere. And hope our expectations are somewhat shaken. Hopefully the drink will be stirred and we will awaken.


Published by Robin Hill

California born, South Florida bred using fingers to type, play, and cover my ears when needed from the outside noise.

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