Under the Kap

This is the story of Kaepernick. He’s a crusader with a dirty knee. It’s a kneel that continues to stick. If the pads fit you must acquit. There’s a murderer in the Hall of Fame. In the same sport they won’t allow him to play.

Of course he could play in a park somewhere. And sign some autographs and give some flair. But dude clearly wants an opportunity. To compete in continual perpetuity. He is a infant for a quarterback. And that was before a couple of years back.

When he and Eric Reid made headlines by standing. For their principles by not standing. And rubbed many people the wrong way. Not like Eric Garner got robbed five + today. One of the people wasn’t Jay Z. He extolled the virtue then pivoted to greed.  And that was the basis of the affirmative action. Not to insult the military faction. But that is the price you play. You speak your mind and you may not play.

And that’s where Kap stands years later, looking for a job in the gridiron theater.  Where most act like it’s just a game. While overlooking causes of head trauma and pain. And many people say Colin is washed. That he might as well be Sasquatch. That talk is crazy and uninformed. Has anybody followed the Dolphins teal storm?

Since Marino retired, they can’t throw a pass. They chin buckle under pressure and their bones are like glass. And now they throw out a guy like Fitzpatrick. The only comparison is he rhymes with Kaepnerick. Other than that, only Rosen competes, and of course the bad headlines replete. And Stephen Ross is a Trump don$r. And there was the Che shirt, which was also a boner. But let’s agree that it’s not ability, thats keeping Kap from giving a team stability.

Its unfortunate to speak when the truth hurts. Or when the message isn’t conveyed correctly at birth. And so Kap continues to stand on the sideline. And the effect of his kneel will be his main timeline.