Stephen Ross, RISE or POTUS?

Look whose in the news again, someone PR deaf. If he didn’t have billions I’d think of an invalid. He runs the Dolphins like he doesn’t have a clue. The team colors should change from aqua to maroon.

That’s how Bugs Bunny calls adversaries morons, or ignoramuses or da past coaches of da Dolphins. At least the past 20 when there is nary a winner. And most of that the fault of the host of this dinner. In the Hamptons benefiting the orange colored man. Who doesn’t like anybody whose not white like his clan.

It comes out that Ross does more than just vote for Trump. He supports him financially with the gym monies lump sum. Equinox is now synonymous with an investor whose tone deaf. Its not the right he speaks to but to who that he has left.

And although he leads good work with mission called RISE. The people that are helped are the same they ostracize. Now its reported that difficult discussions were had, helping a POTUS who is monumentally bad. That ends with a player agreeing to disagree, will his heart be in to score TDs. When his owner took his power and betrayed the one thing they agreed on besides getting paid?

They being POTUS and his current cabinet crew. Not the 63 neither or left with some discord. And now there’s been talk of some outrage. But Andy is keeping his membership which stabilized the brand. Not the one that Stills plays for that kneels before the game. That brand has been marginalized post Marino and not the same.

And we are treated to another moment Stephen Ross has foot in mouth. He has billions and a judgement that’s clearly in the clouds.