Udonis Haslem

What was the order from the Heat troubadour, was this one player whose back for another tour. Without his running mate DWade in tow, although UD does not run much anymore. At least when the lights are on and when the games count. But UD was never about the arena when loud.

Udonis is much more a behind the scenes mentor. A guy who sweats the detes with those who are younger. Who knows what takes to be with the magic 3s. Whether its Dwyane Wade or all the trophies. Haslem is like 40 in both number and age. But I ask which roster has a 12th that’s more of a sage?

There are some who compare this to C. Anthony. It really isn’t apt but kind of funny. The math doesn’t equate when you initially relate what Carmelo does with his points in the paint. Udonis doesn’t have close to the game of this Famer. But his intangibles makes this argument lamer.  Carmelo has been on four different rosters. And each departure has been worse than the others. The last one in Houston was a reminder to thee: You can’t spell Carmelo without the word ME. Just with Stephen A he says he is different, the GMs look at tape and say “thanks but no thanks”.

The more apt comparison may be to Jeremy Lin, another former Knick unemployed and akin. Like Carmelo, he said publicly that he doesn’t understand what the league doesn’t see. One thing that sets UD apart, is his one story line, right from the start. He’s sacrificed more than many who thrive, and that’s why in this league, he’s the one still alive.

Udonis Haslem has been with one town. Part of Heat Culture that’s league renowned. If you don’t fit, we don’t just acquit. We ship you to Portland and say “that’s it”. But Haslem has always fit but not always lean. He started overseas before that scowl became mean. The Miami Heat took one look and said he might stick, and with year 17, the times sure went quick. And with three rings and his blood family set, his Bball family is forever in debt. ‘Cause with all of stars that came and went from this town, the one with all heart is the one still around.