Castillo: Whiffs and White Lines

Back in the news comes Luis Castillo, but most do not know him from Juan or Julio. But here in the Fish Pond, he has some allure, owning a 2003 championship blazer. The last the Marlin’s have caught their net but Luis is now rumored to aid and abet.

A drug ring kind of like the story of El Chapo, involving two chaps that use to bat fungo. One was Octavio Dotel, who wore Dodger blue, now looking at pinstripes in a jail cell or two. And another is Luis, who played for the Fish, who may have a boss who calls in hits. Not that Luis could be guilty of that. He once wore Mendoza on his teal hat. However if a hit was needed, he had a teammate. His name was Urbina who many called a cellmate.

But lives were at stake and we should not tease. The boss was linked to shots at Ortiz. Not those David hit over the Green Monster, but at a nightclub while drinking a Foster. Cesar the Abuser is the man that’s accused. And now on the run to a tunnel near you. So keep a low profile like the Marlins have done. They haven’t made the playoffs in practically an eon.

The last time was when Luis was swinging and missing. You could hear the bat almost practically whistling. Even when he became a Met, he never saw a pitch that he couldn’t get. Least he thought so as it traveled the zone, and into a mitt fitted to a Cerrone.  And now he might be caught like a ball at second base. While authorities continue and ongoing chase. Suggestion to Cesar to be just another. Seems like South Florida may be the perfect place.

Where Boles and McKeon may stop by. Former bosses of Luis between the white lines. Where Dawson patrolled and Conine was king. And Perez is still, at least I think. Luis would feel home and somewhat at ease. A bat in his hands is not a weapon, oh please.


Howard’s End

Not like a the movie of the same name, but Dwight Howard watch seems to be in the slow lane. How else can you muster the lack of bluster of a visit to LA for a possible second stay. The first was a train wreck agreed by all, and so his career has taken a freefall.

Once upon a time he wore a cape and flied like Superman and not Lois Lane. But that was when he had a bit of Magic and then thinks went south and touch bit tragic. All the meanwhile he was finding a lot of missy. He likes his family room really really busy. The load must of taken a toll on his back. And then there is Shaq, talking constant smack.

It may be a lot for a layman to take but when you’re once a young hero and then a Laker mistake. And here are after many teams later, trying to leave the Memphis hot plater. And maybe a duo with Lebron is destined. He who gave Stevenson a second chances. But Howard better not blow in his ear cause he is one step from calling it a career.

Uncle Drew Rosenhaus

Look who is back in the news? Not that its any too soon. We in South Florida are privy to his spout. And penchant for blondes who he liked to tout. His agent skills and his slick black hair. And the mouth, which creates much fanfare.

Drew with the last name Rosenhaus. And he’s in the news cause of Antonio’s pouts. He represents his clients affinity to helmets. The vision, the health and the safety nets. With all of issues with feet/head to mention. He didn’t utter the phrase “Next Question.”  Like another temperamental client he had. But with Terrell Owens he had Sharpees and pads. And shuffling on Do You Think You Can Dance? But back to AB and his out-of-camp stance.

Drew says it’s been in process six months. Getting a hat that fields his punts. Of kicking and screaming his displeasure of change. What he needs most is the mouth of a sage. Like Drew whose handled all sorts of these cases. Of football players on a long term basis. Starting with casing the U of M joint. And on Fox TV talking Fins to a point. Until they started losing a decade ago. It’s bad business to partner with a team so low. 

But he’s back on the main stage, thanks to AB. Get up and listen to Drew and you see. He much more personable than the backdrop, he used on ESPN not cream of the crop. But white as blow and just as cold. Is Drew in Miami or out somewhere with snow? He must be out of South Florida these days. The wind is minimal as well as the pomade.

Wherever he is, his gifts are apparent. His PR speak is still in demand, no matter if he talks heads or feet, Drew Rosenhaus is a mouth non-compete.

Under the Kap

This is the story of Kaepernick. He’s a crusader with a dirty knee. It’s a kneel that continues to stick. If the pads fit you must acquit. There’s a murderer in the Hall of Fame. In the same sport they won’t allow him to play.

Of course he could play in a park somewhere. And sign some autographs and give some flair. But dude clearly wants an opportunity. To compete in continual perpetuity. He is a infant for a quarterback. And that was before a couple of years back.

When he and Eric Reid made headlines by standing. For their principles by not standing. And rubbed many people the wrong way. Not like Eric Garner got robbed five + today. One of the people wasn’t Jay Z. He extolled the virtue then pivoted to greed.  And that was the basis of the affirmative action. Not to insult the military faction. But that is the price you play. You speak your mind and you may not play.

And that’s where Kap stands years later, looking for a job in the gridiron theater.  Where most act like it’s just a game. While overlooking causes of head trauma and pain. And many people say Colin is washed. That he might as well be Sasquatch. That talk is crazy and uninformed. Has anybody followed the Dolphins teal storm?

Since Marino retired, they can’t throw a pass. They chin buckle under pressure and their bones are like glass. And now they throw out a guy like Fitzpatrick. The only comparison is he rhymes with Kaepnerick. Other than that, only Rosen competes, and of course the bad headlines replete. And Stephen Ross is a Trump don$r. And there was the Che shirt, which was also a boner. But let’s agree that it’s not ability, thats keeping Kap from giving a team stability.

Its unfortunate to speak when the truth hurts. Or when the message isn’t conveyed correctly at birth. And so Kap continues to stand on the sideline. And the effect of his kneel will be his main timeline.

Golden Planning

Golden Tate has been suspended. He of the gold dome, apprehended. Headed for the Big Apple to receive, losing games for planning to conceive, the future with a baby nearby, weird choice to play in the N.Y., raising a baby is a hard enough chore, but in New York its especially more. Will the stork pay multiple tolls, flying through middle fingers du jour. Fertility planning is quite a crawl, like a baby before walking at all.

Manny Ramirez had some fertility pills and he made no apologies for masking his ills. Hiding his cycles from being on display, while keeping his bat speed and pitchers at bay. Other’s will say its part of deal, recovering from injury while keeping it real. Like Andy Pettite, another Bronx player. He’s gotten the pass cause his rep had been greater.

But back to the fate of Mr. Giant Tate. He could be truthful but maybe he ain’t. Charles once said that he wasn’t a model and roles were made from parents to follow. It is unfair to get an illegal advantage, like Mr. Brown and his old helmet vestige. But how many athletes seek an extra push to make the money that they think they should. Since they’re careers are so short already, they seek all the coin they can get and maybe..

They might be injured or planning a family. They might also be listening to Manilow playing ‘Mandy”. Saying they gave and they gave without taking. But its noble if children that Golden will be making.

Foot in Helmet Disease

AB tends to work with many steps. They both contract and expand with reps. One is ballyhooed internal muscle and one is a ballyhooed receiver with hustle. Both like to admire the likes of adorers, though one has a fetish for helicopters.

Antonio displayed massive drama while in the P.A. and now he might land in a stadium near LA. Might meaning he might decide to walk. And one meaning Las Vegas might balk. About the Raiders being overvalued while the love is in the East Bay where the fans are being screwed.

But Brown is to report to train with his posse while he taps around his story like Bob Fosse. Now the team has said all-in or all-out. Without his hat, he’s in full pout. First its said that he has cold feet. Threatening his status of being elite. Then it’s the helmet with size and shape. Blurring his vision while on his break. What next, we ask, from this prima donna? He belongs either in Vegas or crying to his Mama?

He’s come up from being without a home. It seemed like in Steeler town that he made it his own. But one disconnect, two disconnect, three and four. What does Gruden and the Raiders have in store? Gruden has a 10 spot of years on his deal. Thats 10 of Mahomes driving his defenses to squeal.

But back to AB cause he likes all the focus. Forget about quitting, that was all hocus pocus. He will dominate when he gets the ball, from a ball boy or incumbent Derek Carr. It wouldn’t be a drama if it wasn’t a wide receiver, the world is their oyster while the pain is with believers. And if he finds his helmet online, for a bounty of a practice helmet signed, then he will be a straight up magician, following the leagues mandate and condition. Instead of spray painting a hat as a primer, not a good look for a sideline to sideliner.

You think he will make the Raiders relevant. Remember Moss, Walker, Nelson, and that $ spent? They’ve been looking forever for a replacement Tim Brown. Guess what, the name is right but the attitude’s a frown.

The Joe Killed The Radio Star

The Joe killed the radio star. And moved him to a podcast. The radio dial always seems too antiquated to last. And personalities come and go like New Yorkers through a turnstile. And before you know it, the memory slows and you don’t remember them for awhile.

Take the case of Josh Friedman, who was let go by a Miami station. I’ve been here twenty years and its always been his vocation. He goes back to a point in time of sarcastic misuse, when Neil Rogers made him the butt of a joke because of a rumored hygiene issue. But at that time it was ok cause Neil made you relevant, unless you were Howard David and you wore a toupee like muskrat.

Let go by a station named “The Joe”. A new name that is to give some more flow. But the name sounds like the child of some one dumb as rocks. The Joe sounds like something sloppy and personalities full of crocks. We don’t expect much from this iteration of this Miami sports talk station but I’m sure they need a talent like Josh that smells like a pit that people use to mosh.

Expecting to hear an expert voice but its absent now. And his radio voice is certainly one that should be heard somehow. I always got the sense that he was the one to show the ropes, to youngsters, some talented and some dopes. A lot of us get expedited cause of a reason or another. But radio seems especially cruel to a fan or show runner.

I hope Josh Friedman makes it back to an airways or podcast. Seems like his talent shouldn’t be on a flagship at half mast. And now we have regular scheduled  programming but with one less on the farm. Seems like Miami radio is losing a lot of its charm.