Uncle Drew Rosenhaus

Look who is back in the news? Not that its any too soon. We in South Florida are privy to his spout. And penchant for blondes who he liked to tout. His agent skills and his slick black hair. And the mouth, which creates much fanfare.

Drew with the last name Rosenhaus. And he’s in the news cause of Antonio’s pouts. He represents his clients affinity to helmets. The vision, the health and the safety nets. With all of issues with feet/head to mention. He didn’t utter the phrase “Next Question.”  Like another temperamental client he had. But with Terrell Owens he had Sharpees and pads. And shuffling on Do You Think You Can Dance? But back to AB and his out-of-camp stance.

Drew says it’s been in process six months. Getting a hat that fields his punts. Of kicking and screaming his displeasure of change. What he needs most is the mouth of a sage. Like Drew whose handled all sorts of these cases. Of football players on a long term basis. Starting with casing the U of M joint. And on Fox TV talking Fins to a point. Until they started losing a decade ago. It’s bad business to partner with a team so low. 

But he’s back on the main stage, thanks to AB. Get up and listen to Drew and you see. He much more personable than the backdrop, he used on ESPN not cream of the crop. But white as blow and just as cold. Is Drew in Miami or out somewhere with snow? He must be out of South Florida these days. The wind is minimal as well as the pomade.

Wherever he is, his gifts are apparent. His PR speak is still in demand, no matter if he talks heads or feet, Drew Rosenhaus is a mouth non-compete.