Stand Pat Brian Flores

Right off the top in his presser, Brian Flores made sure there was no second guesser. He understands the position to kneel, is separate from what the men do in teal. And it’s not smacking the military in the face. That media flagellation has been a disgrace. But when you kneel its done in silence. So the lambs will speak and many are liars.

Brian Flores is a man in New York. A man of color you cannot distort. His experiences in stopping and frisking. He won’t be on the sideline making sounds like tsk tsking. But he will motivate when given the chance. His job is to win games and not wallow in chants. So when Kenny Stills was getting wide open, he was listening to Jay Z’s word spoken. Over the speaker while running in practice cause when the kneeling stops, it’s time to take action. And earn his paycheck by exhibiting his skill, by scoring touchdowns and giving fans a thrill.

That wasn’t the case with a coach named Gase, when the Dolphins were playing like in a malaise. And it wasn’t the case with a coach named Philbin when seemed like they played with nary a fin. When coaches found powder on tables, not fields, and when there was too much Richie Incognitos.

Brian Flores seems to have a firm connection, on what is the truth and what is fiction. Like staring at odds 300 to 1, while the favorite is led by Tom Brady’s gun. The one fans have been silenced by for decades. Flores saw first hand what results on pump fakes. While his defense was getting lit up in practice. He can put his studies into game action. We may not compete or maybe we will, against his mentor and the adversarial Bill. Let’s hope Brian’s press conferences, aren’t like Bill’s, bland as molasses.

There may be hope, they will not be the worst. But there’s a long way from hoping and being in first. But seems like we have a leader and chief, welcome Brian Flores, you’re a welcome relief.