Castillo: Whiffs and White Lines

Back in the news comes Luis Castillo, but most do not know him from Juan or Julio. But here in the Fish Pond, he has some allure, owning a 2003 championship blazer. The last the Marlin’s have caught their net but Luis is now rumored to aid and abet.

A drug ring kind of like the story of El Chapo, involving two chaps that use to bat fungo. One was Octavio Dotel, who wore Dodger blue, now looking at pinstripes in a jail cell or two. And another is Luis, who played for the Fish, who may have a boss who calls in hits. Not that Luis could be guilty of that. He once wore Mendoza on his teal hat. However if a hit was needed, he had a teammate. His name was Urbina who many called a cellmate.

But lives were at stake and we should not tease. The boss was linked to shots at Ortiz. Not those David hit over the Green Monster, but at a nightclub while drinking a Foster. Cesar the Abuser is the man that’s accused. And now on the run to a tunnel near you. So keep a low profile like the Marlins have done. They haven’t made the playoffs in practically an eon.

The last time was when Luis was swinging and missing. You could hear the bat almost practically whistling. Even when he became a Met, he never saw a pitch that he couldn’t get. Least he thought so as it traveled the zone, and into a mitt fitted to a Cerrone.  And now he might be caught like a ball at second base. While authorities continue and ongoing chase. Suggestion to Cesar to be just another. Seems like South Florida may be the perfect place.

Where Boles and McKeon may stop by. Former bosses of Luis between the white lines. Where Dawson patrolled and Conine was king. And Perez is still, at least I think. Luis would feel home and somewhat at ease. A bat in his hands is not a weapon, oh please.