People, place or me?

What are the roadblocks that cross our paths at predestined times or the unexpected? In the form of paperwork that magically appears or bills that come due or that relationship that is always off, working or personal? No, if the roadblock is not in the rearview mirror when it occurs, then it is always the person in doubt.

The problems coming our way are forcibly handed to us, with no lack of fortitude. They are destined to become the situation we deal with. And that we must, without emotion or worry of consequence. It is by action that we survive and thrive and never look back.

The Kawhi tangent? He suffers an injury that is harmful to his career. He takes ownership and makes his own decision on how his body should move forward. Although there are many doubters, within his team’s organization, with the fanatics, with the media, he stays steadfast, true to himself. Does it always end up later raising a trophy? No, but Kawhi is a mythical player.

Everybody is mythical once they take control of their unique powers and use them accordingly. The shine of the enlightened soul relieves the darkness of it’s negative predilection.