Kawhi Leonard is a mythical player

Kawhi Leonard is a mythical basketball player. His name suggests as such and the body shouts it from the rafters of all time greats. His hands have been compared to spider webs, clinging only to the prey of the basketball and not mere mortals. He is not ball dominant, unlike most MVPs before him; he defers to decoy status many more moments than most would allow. All of that feeds to his legendary calm.

When I swim, my body freaks out initially. Air is hard to come by like a honest thought on the POTUS twitter feed. It is neurotic, it is annoying, and it goes away after more time in the water. Leonard does not to seem to have anything resembling a moment with the slightest trepidation. The  air is never received by gasping but more infused by the energy that draws toward  him. It is that grace and confidence that has shown its arachnid hand over and over during this Toronto Raptor run that will likely result in a championship.

Winning begs attention and summons the questions of the inquisitive who want to win and/or win more. That is what band-wagoners crave along with the notoriety of associating themselves to winning. The hows, the whats, and the Kawhis, to borrow a painfully inadequate pun.

Adopting the calm is long the goal that has alluded my grasp thus far. Kawhi Leonard the the mythical player provides a puzzle piece that brings that ship eventually to the port of rectitude.