Circumstances beyond control

This was a Linkedin post, positioning the benefits of taking time to adjust from a jobless period and to smell the roses. As with petals, the post was silky smooth and viral with a message that most can relate to. But getting past the fact of the initial sentence of being let go from a job because of “circumstances beyond my control” stopped me in my tracks.

I have been summarily dismissed from a couple of jobs and, although the situations were different, the attitude was the same from my perspective. I had control but chose not to use it one and chose to use it in another. Both ended up with the same conclusion.

My attitude for the first scenario was the control I exhibited, but not in the right way. I did not care for the company, nor the business practices, and for not many of people I shared work hours with. I had become disillusioned and lacked motivation. I put in a honest days work but without shine, without the chance of improvement for my employer or myself.  And we parted.

The other employer was control in another facet. I was tired of the my given assignment (accounts payable and receivable) and asked to branch out to another facet of the business. It did not work but I had control. Sometimes conclusions to not go to the runner. But the question is did you run hard to first base?

I ran at different speeds in each instance but I had control in each circumstance. I believe you always control. If you are unable to believe this, then a long look in the mirror is needed.