Phin tank

What happened with Daniel Jones was seen as triumphant.
It is what tanking should bring as a Miami Dolphin
Anything less would seem like an abrasion.
Put another band-aid on this football vacation.

Cause while the play is causing fans to flee.
Is the final outcome is destined fait acomppli.
And while the blowhards are saying they get better.
The players will be gone so it doesn’t really matter.

What the team says is the fans cannot identify
With the players losing culture who often codify.
Unlike a player like Cameron Wake.
In a room full mush when he was the only steak.

He saw many coaches go out the door.
Never to be a head man no more.
It wasn’t just the players that cause this malaise.
It’s also the leadership as bland as mayonnaise.

That is something that tanking will not solve.
The leadership void in perpetual absolve.
The draft picks don’t hide the leadership void.
And the tanking doesn’t mean an automatic Jones.

First they need the balls of the choice they make.
And take the flack for the player they take.
And stuck with the consequences if the player stinks.
The progress of a Tannehill leading will kink.

Not saying a turnaround is not unforeseen.
But this is not an Astro, it’s more like a Marlin.
Marketing the ballpark instead of the team.
While they lose 100 with no field of a dream.

Being competitive is often a fantasy.
For the organization who cares only about money.
As the players say that its a business.
As the Dolphin’s threaten to go winless.

And hope for better things in the future
By taking a full break and not applying a suture.