What Happened to Antonio Brown?

Antonio Brown timeline:
9/7 – Bye, Raiders
This much was patently clear.
After cold feet and a head smear.
The Raiders, even this randy bunch.
Knew Antonio was out to lunch.
And didn’t want a dime of their action.
So they kicked him out of their crazy faction.
9/7 – Hi, Patriots
The Patriots welcomed him with open arms.
Not knowing the future media alarms.
Coming down the pike was a story with black marker.
Krafting a byline like a Jupiter massage parlor.
9/10 – Bye, Personal Life (civil lawsuit alleging sexual assault)
9/15 – Hi, TD pass
He catches a pass, and all is well
Till a second story appears of more ill will
9/16 – Bye, Credibility (SI.com )
9/19 – Hi, strong arm texts
He seemed pretty smart on the online game.
But the texts in private trying to shift blame.
Was the last straw that stirred the drink.
And the Patriots did not want any of that stink.
9/20 – Bye, Patriots
Adios, the team says in a release.
We can’t continue to carry a dog with fleas
9/22- Bye, NFL
Is it goodbye to the game he beloves?
To sing Happy Birthday or proclaiming true loves?
To be sure, this is last espouse.
From AB or his agent, Drew Rosenhaus.