Golden Planning

Golden Tate has been suspended. He of the gold dome, apprehended. Headed for the Big Apple to receive, losing games for planning to conceive, the future with a baby nearby, weird choice to play in the N.Y., raising a baby is a hard enough chore, but in New York its especially more. Will the stork pay multiple tolls, flying through middle fingers du jour. Fertility planning is quite a crawl, like a baby before walking at all.

Manny Ramirez had some fertility pills and he made no apologies for masking his ills. Hiding his cycles from being on display, while keeping his bat speed and pitchers at bay. Other’s will say its part of deal, recovering from injury while keeping it real. Like Andy Pettite, another Bronx player. He’s gotten the pass cause his rep had been greater.

But back to the fate of Mr. Giant Tate. He could be truthful but maybe he ain’t. Charles once said that he wasn’t a model and roles were made from parents to follow. It is unfair to get an illegal advantage, like Mr. Brown and his old helmet vestige. But how many athletes seek an extra push to make the money that they think they should. Since they’re careers are so short already, they seek all the coin they can get and maybe..

They might be injured or planning a family. They might also be listening to Manilow playing ‘Mandy”. Saying they gave and they gave without taking. But its noble if children that Golden will be making.