No more

You don’t come around here no more

That allure you felt became unsure

Or didn’t have the spirit to endure

You don’t come around no more

Once you clicked your heels and had some fight

Someone took your soul until you had no bite

Somewhere you looked left when there was a right

The shadow you left was a ghost without sheen

It may of been ghoulish but the sheet wasn’t clean

It became musty like the smell of the wharf

And just as fishy when the tale began to morph

Into a sequence where the chapter once had been

What seemed like a loss then turned into a win

Maybe it is true when they take one day

At a time it’s a deep breath then all is fine

But you don’t come through that door

You never really did but the illusion meant more


Window to the soul

Briefly but be seen

Your island is private so I breath the air that’s free

Playing by the rules

Wishes that come true

For that you ask for that I wish for you

The story makes one curious

Guessing what is serious

And it is meant to show

The hand or the tears

On a pillow

Dew on a willow

As the ray of sunshine 

Elicits the glow of a life

We get the chance on what’s wrong or right

We play the cards that are dealt to our lap

We choose to jeer or whether to clap

The air that we breath

Is through the crack of a window

Gasping ‘cause the speeds too heavy

Let’s tone it down till we both are ready

And then we’ll look in the rear view

Never Gave Up

I never gave up, no I never gave in. no I never conceded we wouldn’t be a thing

When I didn’t come by anymore it wasn’t the whole deal

If I didn’t try to submit a glance to steal

I made a pact that one day you’d be wanting

Something else besides the flirts you were flaunting

But I never submitted that I quit

I never gave a notice choosing to evict

Moved to the slow lane cause my senses were racing

And I knew there was no time to do the chasing

The signs on the street said to take it a step slower

An accident was my future if  I stretched things moreover

So don’t think for a second that I jumped off the boat

Knowing I would drown I chose instead to float

Until the current pushed you into my scope

Or rendering a need to use every type of trope

Lady Gray

She has markings like a tiger
But she moves like a jaguar
Knowing her land like a purveyor
Sensing victims with her radar

She’s not afraid to be quiet
But her character is not silent
There is not a safe haven
She has the knowledge of a maven

Her hair is the stuff of legend
Lives in my head like a surgeon
She’s plays victim to no one
She’s business till she has fun

She can cut the rug with no peer
Embarass' prime steppers with no fear
She captures darkness with her light
The words she chooses are all right

She has proportions of a goddess
Her propositions are all modest
She can make you feel important
But her whim decides your fortune

If you understand the deal
She’ll open up on what she feels
Don’t protrude in her path
Or you’ll be her aftermath

Jay Feely

Jay Feely
kicked the football freely
found out the white guys got an easy way dealy

Jay Feely
works at Fox Sunday
talking kicking that away
telling the peeps anecdotal throwaway

Jay Feely
Played a round of 18
Despite the CoVid-19
With President 45
Who likes to freely lie

Truly was a round and orange has some game
Orange had turned a blind eye to the Yanks
Said the work came first and that it was to blame
Only to play with Feely, talked values and shot blanks

Jay Feely said that family came up during their play
While younger brother Trump was reported to pass away
And where was POTUS but playing on the links
Talking about family with a player who played for kicks

Jay Feely talked with POTUS about a new form of politics
Pulling up mail boxes and throwing conspiracy in the mix
Saying that mail fraud would lose votes of the fellows
Then shanking a drive into the rough of Mark Meadows

But true to form, POTUS played out the string in earnest
And did a photo op with Feely with a thumbs up by his furnace
It truly was an honor to have witnessed this event
Jay Feely and POTUS playing golf while the country lays to rest.

Trump Announced

The Donald announced that Fauci was fraudulent
And that votes won’t go where they are sent
As was warned by an octogenerian
While chasing lies with a few Ukranian
Trump announced he won’t pay is respects
To John Lewis and all of his constituents
He doesn’t know about Black Lives Matters
He didn’t read up about Edmund Pettus
He doesn’t believe in reading material
His time was spent watching intramurals
When he was growing up watching others take tests
And claiming victories off the backs who were tasked
Trump announced that he calling the barracks
To rid the streets of who he thinks are derelicts
When it just Americans who are just bristling
Trump announced that he really isn’t listening
He rather tweet about how he’s been wronged
It’s his classic reprisal that goes on and on.
Like his false claim Biden will defund the police
Using fear like the honks from the geese
As they charge an onlooker to not cross their path
Protest and you’ll get smoke and tear gas
That’s what Trump announced in his weekly tirade
Proving again his leadership charade.

Tone Deaf

Kellyanne and others are on the phone
Telling POTUS to change his tone
Seeing the spike in his poll numbers
Going into the ground like his COVID embers
Telling the people he’ll eventually be right
While the pandemic deaths climb out of sight

He said that he’s come through with ventilators
He’s let the states be run by the governors
Like in Florida where there’s been no lead
Except the rise and death and the ability to breath

Now he says wearing a mask is patriotic
And he carries it around like a portable ball sac
And he’s changing his thinking on testing
Of course now he must be surely jesting

The cases and the deaths aren’t causing this spike
It’s the poll numbers from people out of spite
Knowing that this guy is an infiltrator
On so many values that this office held greater

Bring on your bandage and see what your made of
President Trump, you shown your true love
Playing on links and ignoring the people
Except the whites and a quite many creepers

Changing your tone isn’t what will be telling
It’s the lies and the untruths your yelling
Into the nation turned deaf to the hearing
How your tone has left what most had been fearing

Cemetery Round Table

There was a meeting of minds or so it’s mentioned
Although a lot was said, actions weren’t intention
DeSantis and cohorts move to the agenda
And what steps they should recommend-duh

They have one move to make and what you may ask
Make everyone in Florida wear a friggin damn mask
But that would be too easy and expedient
Where is Walter Mercado or some sort of medium?

Let’s shout hocus pocus and maybe this will leave
But Covid19 is what is up Florida’s sleeve
Dragging the Governor to an audience more fringe
Toward the Donald and his dementia tinged image

And Hialeah’s mayor came out with a rant
Not being invited to the Covid19 tent
Finding a better audience in the network outlets
Insulted on behalf of his constituents
Then refusing a meeting later or so the news says
Just following the footsteps of Raul Martinez

Carlos G was in the house saying not to be political
Just a couple of weeks ago Covid was not critical
Opening up restaurants and bars and gyms
Only to close them and blame hers and hims

First the youthful set then just all the rule breakers
And Donald wore no mask while meeting with strangers
Touching down on the South Florida soil
After getting the green light from the beans @ Goya

So what was the meeting meant to accomplish
Mayors and Governor playing canasta and go fish
What’s the next step and who follows the leader
While COVID19 is Florida’s fav cemetery feeder
They have one move to make and what you may ask
Make everyone in Florida wear a friggin damn mask

Carlos G.

Watch out, Debbie Murcesal- Powell
Your seat’s being challenged by a recognizable scowl
Like when he gets a question from Defede
He’s a control freak, this Carlos G.

He took over office from a one vote muscle head
After giving the Marlin’s a sweatheart vastland
Cutting the budget and castigating services
Getting his coffers from developer purses
Trying to make the people believe in buses
All the way to an American Mall he lust-es

Two things that are so far removed
From a future of COVID and doom
Who wants to invite the pandemic
Shopping at a mall and stuck in an old bus relic

Like the transit driver who just passed away
While the union argued for masks with no sway
Close to three months later since first asked
And still they can’t get their masks

But for Black Lives Matter the peeps would sit
On those outmoded buses that he says should persist
Except for the weekend that he shut them down
Saying he cared for the health of us all

As he opened up all the businesses without testing
Doing what Trump wants and is blindly insisting
Outfitted with GOP blinders and big aspirations
While following a leader who likes his plantations

And schools should open for teacher’s inflections
While Florida breaks records with Covid infections
First blaming the increase to the protests he insisted
Caused the increase in the cases that were listed

But now the protests die down and the numbers keep rising
And he tells the public that they don’t listen and bypassing
All of the direction that the leaders have been giving
Opening and closing and opening and closing

Remember he’s in bed with Trump and DeSantis
Sending our children against many parents wishes
Making our teachers work at their own peril
Without adequate testing and expensive healthcare

And this is a requisite for a higher office
While leaving Miami Dade with broken down buses
Miami Dade will be left needing liturgy
After these terms of one Carlos G.

KellyAnne Conway

KellyAnne Conway is just doing a job.
She works for a authoritarian who doubles as a slob
Her husband calls the leader a frequent liar
Her daughter TikToks and her opinions are on fire
But the matron plays a character that must be respected
Keeping her job while others are re-selected
She reminds me of what may have come later
Of the original Supergirl, the esteemed Helen Slater

I would pose that she has a relation with the tweets
Cause I’m not convinced Trump either writes or reads
She would appear on the news shows and lend us a voice
And not answer questions but just sit and pose
The items that Trump would believe were patriotic
Like retweeting “white power” and more things idiotic

KellyAnne always looks like she just been at the carnival
Riding the rides going upside downable
But then appearing on camera and not being flustered
Like going to war with the army of Custer
She is not like Sarah Huckabee
She’s going the distance while others, they flee

She may have a pervasive reason for wanting to stay
Maybe she craves the power and won’t toss it away
Or maybe she purposely makes him seem even dumber
That sounds like a longshot but then again, he’s the Trumper
He misses the briefs that say Putin is meddling
When the cabinet says briefs, he thinks of his underlining

Everybody has had a boss like KellyAnne
Sometimes you take them but leave them if you can
She takes her lumps often, quite possibly without fail
Yet she stays loyal like SpongeBob’s Gary the Snail
So, KellyAnne Conway, not everybody hates you
The real stink your perfume masks is the specter with orange goo