In Good Time

It’s time to talk without hand gestures

On the ideas that grind, naw and features

Maybe after the holidays are through

Or before if you want a fast truth

No use in getting bothered

When the kids need to be mothered

And avoid any more complication

So let’s start the year with a new proclamation

Find the time to bring me your spirit

Give me a minute to hear me get with it

I have some things that I need to sort out

I’ve had some issues and many a doubt

About what is talent and what may be dust

Proving myself is the thing I most lust

Not some piece or a heart or a pendant

When I am finished you will feel resplendent

Not that you need my blessing or gloats

You have some special things and I’ve taken good notes

Just want to give your gifts a good shine

And that I shall do in all of good time


Thrifty with your friendship and with your social mentions

Calculated to create some new dissensions

It’s always been clear that your light bulb was bright

Blinding the density of the people lacking sight

Luring them closer to a place they’re not seeking

Leading to emotions that are not very pleasing

Given up the game because it wasn’t for the taking

Saw the heads up and knew I’d take a licking

Walked away from the table with some chips

Some might say that the experience cause them the yips

But my game was to take the L and not the disgrace

Better to concede and to run another race

Although the thought of you certainly made it a challenge

Had a lot of ideas that chewed a lot of mileage.

But my engine is equipped and all the more stable

Able to think and be relatable

James Harden

James Harden is a fat boy lord

His stomach looks like a miniature gourd

The talent is anything but small

But his muscle tone is that of a rubber ball

Facial hair doesn’t help his stature

Or his gliding dribbling naughty by nature

He has the game to make the top 50

Except in the playoffs then his skill gets thrifty

Now there are rumors of him to the Heat

Not the temperature but the basketball team

Although if he arrives he’ll bake like a ham

Sweaty and dripping from the Riley diet plan

Nobody believes he is straight up for Simmons

Cause Ben’s shots are anything but givens

So the Rocket’s are sniffing at the Heat and their picks

Saying Harden will stir Butler’s Big Coffee sticks

Nothing is imminent except that he’ll be traded

Long since the memory of Westbrook had faded

The other running mate made it to the turnpike

With his burner accounts and Kyrie at the mike

With Jimmy and Bam, James Harden looks good

But give up Duncan puts Riley in a bad mood

James Harden could hoist many Miami shots

And not while watching female body parts

Open Door

I think of you and I can tell

In the air tonight there’s something

We’ve had a thing that’s never washed

Even though many thought it was nothing

I’ve left the door open in case of a change

But it’s not going to filled in a hurry

Grinding with things that I want to excel

Our path doesn’t carry concern or worry

The work has been done and it’s framed in a way

That works together or continues to stay the same

It’s that beach house that cozies in the sand

Or that cabin in a faraway land

It’s omni present and the door is always open

Leading to path where we speak of the unspoken

We can be coy or we can be direct

All lanes are open for the path that we select

That is the best part of being a little wiser

There’s no specter that stops from being nicer

And being patient and confident in the flow

We have magic and we choose what time to go

Joel Osteen

Joel Osteen is smooth as silk

Even with the headlines that harken to silt

His saves the people in suits of white

His soul seems dark like the dead of the night

Followers come miles to see his sermon

And snake oil salesmen appreciate his venom

Thirsting for money and things people flaunt

Even as a person of the lord, or a cult?

The delivery of words is soft to the ear

He makes people believe and not question or leer

He enhances his wallet and his extensive coffers

While the congregation lives as though they were paupers

Proclaiming his unit didn’t receive a triple P loan

Then 4.4 million showed up and the story was told

Yet again when you think that he may be pure

Joel Osteen is the person all Americans should fear.


She was moved to the top of my list

For an interaction

It merited no importance but

was only a distraction

Keeping life easy and free and light

Eyes stayed woke till the middle of the night

With little or no importance

For menial happenstance

There was a day when all was bright

Drive to the sounds of a beat so right

Knowing that this moment was fleeting

And my memory would be what I’m needing

To remember how beautiful the sun had shone

Remembering the life that was not alone

With little or no importance

And thoughts move to distance


Lucy was a vision that I came across

Her denim jeans showed moves and sass

She played like a innocent being called on in school

Raising her hand as a formality to the rule

Woman knew here game and how to play

Coy with her look and words she would say

Leaving no doubt the assets she had

Voicing her requests with the effect of the crown

Playing a game with a fist full of numbers

Until there was nothing and her ticket went asunder

One dream lost begets another vision

And a pocket gets lighter with another incision

But whatever she loses she always has cache

In the way her silhouette follows as  sassafras

Confident in how she knows how she’s looked at

Lucy has the confidence as the rarest aristocrat

Protect Me

Blink and you are bound to miss it

It’s not a dream nor is it kismet

When the feeling engulfs like a fire

The “rona isn’t something i desire

Sometimes it happens when your knee deep

So wash your hands before you sleep

Protect me from the people you contact

I don’t want to have a forced contract

Of a virus of which there is no cure

Trust me I don’t have any ill will

But tell me nothing and I will sequester

So the sickness is unable to fester

Protect me from the ‘rona and say your peace

Acquiesce on who you touch most and least

Protect me from the unknown out there

I can’t conflict with what I’m unable to stare

Don’t run and hide with what you must say

What is unknown make you most cray cray

Protect me from the unknown out there

Do not be selfish and show me you care

Figure It Out

We need to figure it out, yes it’s true

Figure it out, meaning you

For today, for our health

Figure it out, by yourself

Tired of begging, giving nudges

Instead of dinners, we’re doing lunches

Sharing drinks by the stars

We go instead, to coffee bars

We need to figure out meaning you

Nobody is waiting for what we do, 

meaning you

When we met, I did defer

To your indifference and your allure

Who wouldn’t want to have a dream

Having you in my scene

But then we figured, meaning me

There better places to be

Stuck waiting around for us

Meaning for you to hop on the bus

So figure it out, it’s all you

Figure it out, so we’re cool

Being a friend, not a fool

Figure it out, meaning you


Why the anxiety?

Why the mental itch

Why do I worry when the doctor did the stitch

Where I came from a man of older rings

When he had me was when he thought of other things

Long past the due date at the time of conception

When I dropped there wasn’t a reception

He was on a journey that landed on a tarmac

Of a family that had started their own pack

This is the story that then turned hazy

Now my parents cannot gaze upon me

One left this earth quite a long time ago

Leaving the earth when I was 10 years old

The other is on another destination

When minds are no longer a realization

Make peace with your time and your thoughts

Make war when urgency calls

Demand to know more than you imagine

Speak with heart and move with passion

When your plane leaves the runway

Leave nothing between you and a sun ray