Break the engagement

I’m tired of all of the spam I receive
Asking from corporate what I learned or believe
Like I have all the time to give you a freebie
Maybe I now troll you in writing with need be

Reminds me of the survey taker Trip Advisor
They’d ask for your thoughts so they could be more wiser
Masking it as if they were helping the people
Making their brand a tourism steeple

Then the hotels and others followed suit
Trashing their comp set while making tiramsu
It’s all a game to appear more legitimite
Like everything online it’s more like a filament

Walking through the airport in the NOLA
I happened past a store and it wasn’t shangrala
It was a Trip Advisor storefront that sells all the books
That put you to sleep and make your head crooks

So they took all that branding and sold it for pennies
And gave it a store name like a burger from Wendy’s

So that’s what happens when they ghost on the public
They create value with their comments and rate click
While sending you a whole ton of mail de spam
And trying to block it like a Dwight Howard slam

So stop sending me ratings and requesting the feedback
Asking for comments and laying your train tracks
Get some engagement the old fashioned ways
Help the customer when they are in your face

LA no Confidential


People ask me what I think about today
And I hearken back to the trial of OJ
The courtroom full of bluster with loud booming
Surely there would be a change that was looming

The same was true cause the police were on trial
OJ with the smile and the glove in denial
As well as the people who thought he was with them
He might as well been the character Dick Whitman

And he go off and get off scott free
Only to someday post on Twitter TV
While the people of LA were left with the same taste
The police in LA have always profiled by race

Back in the days when they had concerts in Watts
Up to Rodney King who was beaten by cops
LA has always been racist above the surface
If there disenfranchised, the police will repurpose

Songs were made by the NWA
Movies like Colors about life in one day
In the end, it was lip service or a convo
Or a film to star Maria Conchita Alonso

So went Sean Penn with other countries to help
Cause this systemic problem went too far south
Even though he liked a little Hugo Chavez
Then to El Chapo before he got caught by the Feds

It’s a good thing we have this new generation
Cause they have the power to get this track changin’
It’s been a problem that has gone far too long
Maybe OJ has something to say about it, y’all.

Brees believe me

6/6 Follow Up from Drew Brees in response to a tweet by Donald Trump.

Drew said something regrettable.
Drew said something unjust.
Drew than apologized and fell on his shield.
Not of the Saints or on the football field.
But of his employer who has his Hall Of Fame reel.
While colluding to fence out one who will kneel.
The NFL is one with the smarmy release.
Being America’s game and part of Trump’s largesse.
They had the chance to get in front of this message.
But then they invited Pence out of the behest of u guessed it.
And made the statement completely off base.
By claiming it was an attack on everything but race.
The NFL perpetuated this nonsense.
And now the players are understanding how unjust.
And that’s why people like the idea of pay.
While playing what amounts to be an innocent game.
And that’s great until something’s important.
And the masters control the thoughts by quotient.
That s where the statement that Brees comes about.
It may be a murmur but the content is a shout.
But don’t get it twisted cause the players were had.
The NFL was complicit in how things came to pass.

White Fences


He’s a fence builder,, he’s a dense thinker.
His words have more meaning with Sarah Cooper.

He wants us to think he’s a bunker inspector.
Or that he’s not a white racist protector.

If your a Senator on his side of the aisle.
Your history will be the protector of a child.

Killer of way too many cause of the pandemic.
Eschewing the racism as everything but systemic.

He is the nightmare in the dreams of freedom.
Instead of democracy, he pushes for his fiefdom.

He holds up a book without knowing it’s contents.
He is the showboat gone nuclear and toxic.

The question isn’t when he can push him out.
Or what may come next out of his orange snout.

But if this nation can survive one more day
Of Der Fuhrer and his demented cosplay.

Times that matter

This nation loses sight on what the dais is saying.
Which is good cause of so much brick laying.’

Protests turn to noise and violence into looting.
Making the onlookers think all is polluting.

But the dust that rises is from the debris embedded.
All are sleeping except the people being targeted.

Now that people seem wide eyed and awoke.
Let’s keep the momentum and get out and vote.

And freedom of speech continue to carry the day.
Like Colin with a knee or mommas who pray.

Join together and hold the ones that grieve.
The disinformation is so hard to believe.

But all the platforms that are posting half lies.
Eventually come true if we lay down our lives

Don’t let the stink fool us cause they have a list.
This government is crooked and increasingly fascist.

They have an agenda and clear as white.
Harm all non’s through disease and spite.

The sooner we get what the crooked emote.
Let momentum carry through November and vote.

Miami Monofail

Place a bet is what Genting did
When they bought the Miami Herald spread

They knew one day that the shady would prevail
In South Florida they balance greed with potential jail

In 2012 they tried to legalize gambling
But they met some adversaries that had some cha-ching

They had an adversary that pretends to be mouse
who lives in Orlando auspiciously in the Disney house

And there were no peace pipes from the Seminole Tribe
They like their money from the Hard Rock just fine

So their dream of gambling would ebb to the tide
Now in 2020, during Covid, they’ve come alive

They played a new game plan and of course it had shade
They wined and dined the lame duck but not in Miami Dade

They concocted a plan that would put them on the map
A no bid contract with their own Monorail track.

Of course they spoke in terms unrecorded.
Even on trips that the taxpayers afforded.

And while they looked into this nebulous arrangement
The Commissioners voted to move into this estrangement

What would be the problem, there was one bid by a pro?
Surely in Miami, there would be no quid pro quo.

But, as it turns out, there was something shady
The Office of Inspectors sent a letter so stately

Maybe there should be a review of how this business transpires.
And think of who we go to bed with while lame duck aspires.

To be a senator to the whole bigger mass of people
And Genting will profit easier from a casino

It’s better to keep the devil where he can be seen
Which is why we should of voted back in 2013

To bring in a casino and tax them to death
And not have this indignant way of doing business again.

Is it a surprise they deadened the slander?

Is it a surprise they deadened the slander?
When every other tweet ends with a gate.
Always opening the door to a new form of hate.
Pulling away the cheese from a mouse and.
Maybe he’ll remember the fallen 100,000.
But he has no conscious, much less any brain cells.
Except when rallying his legion of dumbbells.
Taking his advice like a shot of insulin.
All we can muster is another chagrin.
Of voting this supposed leader of people.
Who begs us to visit a house with a steeple.
While we take a mulligan to the rest of the world.
When he putts, can we all say “squirrel”?



Trump vs. the video

Trump versus the video.
The bile against the weapon of techno.
The outbursts brings race to the forefront.
The video stops the claims from a manhunt.
Amy Cooper’s are all over this country.
Following their leader and his mind fuckery.
The only protection is sometimes a phone.
Cause usually the defense is one man’s alone.
Especially when the man is of color.
During this term with the joker as commander.
Trump vs the video is a war that will escalate.
From Epstein to Apprentice to now wearing face paint.

POTUS Emotus

What is tbe point of calling him a liar?
Like throwing a critique as a unfolded flyer?

Lifelessly floating in the air to the ground
Harmlessly touching, no remorse to be found.

When there is not a chance of retraction.
And the majority have the same reaction?

And it emboldens the masses who drink .at his trough
His narcissism has proven to be enough.

What is the point of glorifying his claim.
Especially on the medium that limits the same



It’s a trick, it’s a trick.

It goes without saying.

The choice is to pass.

Let the other’s keep on playing.


Allow them to have.

A voice in the game.

Let them feel important.

While feeling exactly the same.


Let them feel the chill.

Like a wind in Chi-Town.

When they hear the noise.

They’ll know what’s going down.


Keeping up appearances.

Or also with the Jones.

When they send the invites.

You know that anything goes.


They bring all of their ammo.

And make lots of spittle.

They only wear their masks.

If it makes them look off kilter.


All of their posturing.

Is to illicit a reaction.

And when they take the bait.

They derive the satisfaction.


But they do after .

Is never much anew.

They always have the ingredients.

For their special dish of spew.