Was a mistake

Was a mistake

To think I was in ingrate

To be sure we would not relate

It would nothing if not great

Was a mistake

To be so friggin unsure

To think it wasn’t so pure

Like a 100 year old liqoure

Rethink your thought

I’m putting you on notice

I am the best kind of lotus

I would treat you like a FLOTUS

When you showed me the way that you were going

And it didn’t jive with what we both were knowin

I stood and looked through the sun

Baked and floored by what you had done

Was a mistake

You let the feelings cross the river

Without so much a dither

And you made that emotion wither

Was a mistake

I’m not less of a villian

I’m hopeless and I still am

But I treat pleas like spam

When you posed on the track you were leading

I knew that I had to change my breathing

From the warmth to the cold of the evening

And that there would be no words of meaning

Make no mistake

I haven’t given up the fight

I still have more might

And I’m not caling it a night

Make no mistake

There may be one in the game

But I won’d back down until there is no one to blame