Was a mistake

Was a mistake

To think I was in ingrate

To be sure we would not relate

It would nothing if not great

Was a mistake

To be so friggin unsure

To think it wasn’t so pure

Like a 100 year old liqoure

Rethink your thought

I’m putting you on notice

I am the best kind of lotus

I would treat you like a FLOTUS

When you showed me the way that you were going

And it didn’t jive with what we both were knowin

I stood and looked through the sun

Baked and floored by what you had done

Was a mistake

You let the feelings cross the river

Without so much a dither

And you made that emotion wither

Was a mistake

I’m not less of a villian

I’m hopeless and I still am

But I treat pleas like spam

When you posed on the track you were leading

I knew that I had to change my breathing

From the warmth to the cold of the evening

And that there would be no words of meaning

Make no mistake

I haven’t given up the fight

I still have more might

And I’m not caling it a night

Make no mistake

There may be one in the game

But I won’d back down until there is no one to blame


Published by Robin Hill

California born, South Florida bred using fingers to type, play, and cover my ears when needed from the outside noise.

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