Hold out your hand

I take your hand, take your hand

I slappy it playfully when I said

You were made to make me kind of mad

When you choose to pull away your hand

I can’t think or make a stand

All want to do is hold your hand

But you hold it out, and then pull it back

When I ask for you to cut me some slack

I don’t ask more than any other man

Please give me what I want…and hold out your hand

I’m a likin’ to the nails that your correcting

You have the strength in the grip that your making

There is a age that shows your texture and your grace

I see it in your hands, and in your face

You bring me joy when I see you express

The things and thoughts that bring you happiness

I hope that every card that makes you chose to fold

All of your fears that continue to be untold

Hold my hand and let your cares be gone

Hold my hand and let your hesitancy be done

I’ve been waiting for the moment that you let

Your inhibitions at the door with no regret