Nice and Fresh

Just want to get to know you

To see what makes you sweet

Maybe there was some sour

That turned your soul sugary

When you ask what you want

From what could be you and I

I just want to get to know you

to see if we’re eye to eye

I’m not in a rush, panic, or in a hurry

Or to get your algo from only one query

Maybe I’m not pressing cause I’m in an open phase

I’m not the one to add to your list of crays crays

Rosie said that you were planning on keeping things down low

Rosie said you had enough of one night gigolos

Marsha said you made a choice to keep substantial distance

From being lured into a partnership of substance

Which is fine for what I imagine could be friendship that is true

I’m in the slow lane and just want to get to know you

I know that your influence could be important down the stretch

Time to get to know you and keep my dreams nice and fresh