Adios James Harden

The Heat of Miami says it’s time to move on

From James Harden as good as gone

But the base they continue to fawn

For the days of Big Three and spawn

Championships and Finals repeats

Read about Harden and learn all the deats

He shrinks when things get deeper and harder

Like a costar who acts with Ali Larter

It wasn’t enough to have a Westbrook

He was grooving before the COVID took

Then his coach and GM would skip

Then he ventured to a club where they strip

Then the rumors started that he needed to bale

And pictures came out and he wasn’t eating kale

And the teams he proclaimed would be happy

Except like the Knicks who expect to be crappy

Of course the Heat would be on the list

With the culture, the coach, and the players to assist

But the Rockets they would like a boatload package

And thoughts of gold would be turned into cabbage

Let’s run with the crew that got to the Finals

Who had the horses with the saddles and bridals

It’s no shame to run it all back

Without a player who reminds me of Stack

Loads of talent maybe top 50 one day

But needs to have help like a Nowitski

If it happens and we happen to land him

James Harden, here’s your weight plan and 24 hour work gym


Published by Robin Hill

California born, South Florida bred using fingers to type, play, and cover my ears when needed from the outside noise.

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