No Hero

I’m not gonna’ be your Prince Charming

I ain’t going to lie

There’s a frog in me and I’m not sure it’s ever going to die

I’m not gonna be no Superman

I ain’t going to fly

Crypto is my swan song and that is how I ride

Don’t pretend to dream about what you think there could be

Spend some time rethinking things that will make your spirit free

Never let me see that you are wanting what I’m not

I’m not a chameleon and I’m too old to start

The world has your oyster and you need to start to grow

It’s much too early to take your tent and think it’s time to fold

Bring your chosen rock and preach your favorite hymn

It;s time for you to drown so you can learn to swim

I’m not a Caped Crusader

You make me out to be

There is no bat phone that will summon you to ring me

I’m not a Super Surfer

Gliding to your side

This cycle has no side car but only has one ride

Heroes are to fiction what a heroine is to a prince

You can use up all your bait and still never catch a fish

Use that boat and set sail to a place that makes more sense

Plan for your real future without some happenstance

I’m not a Wonder Woman

There’s no magic in my wrists

Set your sights on your goals and don’t expect no twists

I’m not a Aqua Man

Or a Hulk or Flash

Get that serum in your blood before you burn and crash