In Good Time

It’s time to talk without hand gestures

On the ideas that grind, naw and features

Maybe after the holidays are through

Or before if you want a fast truth

No use in getting bothered

When the kids need to be mothered

And avoid any more complication

So let’s start the year with a new proclamation

Find the time to bring me your spirit

Give me a minute to hear me get with it

I have some things that I need to sort out

I’ve had some issues and many a doubt

About what is talent and what may be dust

Proving myself is the thing I most lust

Not some piece or a heart or a pendant

When I am finished you will feel resplendent

Not that you need my blessing or gloats

You have some special things and I’ve taken good notes

Just want to give your gifts a good shine

And that I shall do in all of good time