James Harden

James Harden is a fat boy lord

His stomach looks like a miniature gourd

The talent is anything but small

But his muscle tone is that of a rubber ball

Facial hair doesn’t help his stature

Or his gliding dribbling naughty by nature

He has the game to make the top 50

Except in the playoffs then his skill gets thrifty

Now there are rumors of him to the Heat

Not the temperature but the basketball team

Although if he arrives he’ll bake like a ham

Sweaty and dripping from the Riley diet plan

Nobody believes he is straight up for Simmons

Cause Ben’s shots are anything but givens

So the Rocket’s are sniffing at the Heat and their picks

Saying Harden will stir Butler’s Big Coffee sticks

Nothing is imminent except that he’ll be traded

Long since the memory of Westbrook had faded

The other running mate made it to the turnpike

With his burner accounts and Kyrie at the mike

With Jimmy and Bam, James Harden looks good

But give up Duncan puts Riley in a bad mood

James Harden could hoist many Miami shots

And not while watching female body parts