Open Door

I think of you and I can tell

In the air tonight there’s something

We’ve had a thing that’s never washed

Even though many thought it was nothing

I’ve left the door open in case of a change

But it’s not going to filled in a hurry

Grinding with things that I want to excel

Our path doesn’t carry concern or worry

The work has been done and it’s framed in a way

That works together or continues to stay the same

It’s that beach house that cozies in the sand

Or that cabin in a faraway land

It’s omni present and the door is always open

Leading to path where we speak of the unspoken

We can be coy or we can be direct

All lanes are open for the path that we select

That is the best part of being a little wiser

There’s no specter that stops from being nicer

And being patient and confident in the flow

We have magic and we choose what time to go