Protect Me

Blink and you are bound to miss it

It’s not a dream nor is it kismet

When the feeling engulfs like a fire

The “rona isn’t something i desire

Sometimes it happens when your knee deep

So wash your hands before you sleep

Protect me from the people you contact

I don’t want to have a forced contract

Of a virus of which there is no cure

Trust me I don’t have any ill will

But tell me nothing and I will sequester

So the sickness is unable to fester

Protect me from the ‘rona and say your peace

Acquiesce on who you touch most and least

Protect me from the unknown out there

I can’t conflict with what I’m unable to stare

Don’t run and hide with what you must say

What is unknown make you most cray cray

Protect me from the unknown out there

Do not be selfish and show me you care