Window to the soul

Briefly but be seen

Your island is private so I breath the air that’s free

Playing by the rules

Wishes that come true

For that you ask for that I wish for you

The story makes one curious

Guessing what is serious

And it is meant to show

The hand or the tears

On a pillow

Dew on a willow

As the ray of sunshine 

Elicits the glow of a life

We get the chance on what’s wrong or right

We play the cards that are dealt to our lap

We choose to jeer or whether to clap

The air that we breath

Is through the crack of a window

Gasping ‘cause the speeds too heavy

Let’s tone it down till we both are ready

And then we’ll look in the rear view

Never Gave Up

I never gave up, no I never gave in. no I never conceded we wouldn’t be a thing

When I didn’t come by anymore it wasn’t the whole deal

If I didn’t try to submit a glance to steal

I made a pact that one day you’d be wanting

Something else besides the flirts you were flaunting

But I never submitted that I quit

I never gave a notice choosing to evict

Moved to the slow lane cause my senses were racing

And I knew there was no time to do the chasing

The signs on the street said to take it a step slower

An accident was my future if  I stretched things moreover

So don’t think for a second that I jumped off the boat

Knowing I would drown I chose instead to float

Until the current pushed you into my scope

Or rendering a need to use every type of trope

Lady Gray

She has markings like a tiger
But she moves like a jaguar
Knowing her land like a purveyor
Sensing victims with her radar

She’s not afraid to be quiet
But her character is not silent
There is not a safe haven
She has the knowledge of a maven

Her hair is the stuff of legend
Lives in my head like a surgeon
She’s plays victim to no one
She’s business till she has fun

She can cut the rug with no peer
Embarass' prime steppers with no fear
She captures darkness with her light
The words she chooses are all right

She has proportions of a goddess
Her propositions are all modest
She can make you feel important
But her whim decides your fortune

If you understand the deal
She’ll open up on what she feels
Don’t protrude in her path
Or you’ll be her aftermath