Jay Feely

Jay Feely
kicked the football freely
found out the white guys got an easy way dealy

Jay Feely
works at Fox Sunday
talking kicking that away
telling the peeps anecdotal throwaway

Jay Feely
Played a round of 18
Despite the CoVid-19
With President 45
Who likes to freely lie

Truly was a round and orange has some game
Orange had turned a blind eye to the Yanks
Said the work came first and that it was to blame
Only to play with Feely, talked values and shot blanks

Jay Feely said that family came up during their play
While younger brother Trump was reported to pass away
And where was POTUS but playing on the links
Talking about family with a player who played for kicks

Jay Feely talked with POTUS about a new form of politics
Pulling up mail boxes and throwing conspiracy in the mix
Saying that mail fraud would lose votes of the fellows
Then shanking a drive into the rough of Mark Meadows

But true to form, POTUS played out the string in earnest
And did a photo op with Feely with a thumbs up by his furnace
It truly was an honor to have witnessed this event
Jay Feely and POTUS playing golf while the country lays to rest.