Trump Announced

The Donald announced that Fauci was fraudulent
And that votes won’t go where they are sent
As was warned by an octogenerian
While chasing lies with a few Ukranian
Trump announced he won’t pay is respects
To John Lewis and all of his constituents
He doesn’t know about Black Lives Matters
He didn’t read up about Edmund Pettus
He doesn’t believe in reading material
His time was spent watching intramurals
When he was growing up watching others take tests
And claiming victories off the backs who were tasked
Trump announced that he calling the barracks
To rid the streets of who he thinks are derelicts
When it just Americans who are just bristling
Trump announced that he really isn’t listening
He rather tweet about how he’s been wronged
It’s his classic reprisal that goes on and on.
Like his false claim Biden will defund the police
Using fear like the honks from the geese
As they charge an onlooker to not cross their path
Protest and you’ll get smoke and tear gas
That’s what Trump announced in his weekly tirade
Proving again his leadership charade.