Tone Deaf

Kellyanne and others are on the phone
Telling POTUS to change his tone
Seeing the spike in his poll numbers
Going into the ground like his COVID embers
Telling the people he’ll eventually be right
While the pandemic deaths climb out of sight

He said that he’s come through with ventilators
He’s let the states be run by the governors
Like in Florida where there’s been no lead
Except the rise and death and the ability to breath

Now he says wearing a mask is patriotic
And he carries it around like a portable ball sac
And he’s changing his thinking on testing
Of course now he must be surely jesting

The cases and the deaths aren’t causing this spike
It’s the poll numbers from people out of spite
Knowing that this guy is an infiltrator
On so many values that this office held greater

Bring on your bandage and see what your made of
President Trump, you shown your true love
Playing on links and ignoring the people
Except the whites and a quite many creepers

Changing your tone isn’t what will be telling
It’s the lies and the untruths your yelling
Into the nation turned deaf to the hearing
How your tone has left what most had been fearing