Carlos G.

Watch out, Debbie Murcesal- Powell
Your seat’s being challenged by a recognizable scowl
Like when he gets a question from Defede
He’s a control freak, this Carlos G.

He took over office from a one vote muscle head
After giving the Marlin’s a sweatheart vastland
Cutting the budget and castigating services
Getting his coffers from developer purses
Trying to make the people believe in buses
All the way to an American Mall he lust-es

Two things that are so far removed
From a future of COVID and doom
Who wants to invite the pandemic
Shopping at a mall and stuck in an old bus relic

Like the transit driver who just passed away
While the union argued for masks with no sway
Close to three months later since first asked
And still they can’t get their masks

But for Black Lives Matter the peeps would sit
On those outmoded buses that he says should persist
Except for the weekend that he shut them down
Saying he cared for the health of us all

As he opened up all the businesses without testing
Doing what Trump wants and is blindly insisting
Outfitted with GOP blinders and big aspirations
While following a leader who likes his plantations

And schools should open for teacher’s inflections
While Florida breaks records with Covid infections
First blaming the increase to the protests he insisted
Caused the increase in the cases that were listed

But now the protests die down and the numbers keep rising
And he tells the public that they don’t listen and bypassing
All of the direction that the leaders have been giving
Opening and closing and opening and closing

Remember he’s in bed with Trump and DeSantis
Sending our children against many parents wishes
Making our teachers work at their own peril
Without adequate testing and expensive healthcare

And this is a requisite for a higher office
While leaving Miami Dade with broken down buses
Miami Dade will be left needing liturgy
After these terms of one Carlos G.