KellyAnne Conway

KellyAnne Conway is just doing a job.
She works for a authoritarian who doubles as a slob
Her husband calls the leader a frequent liar
Her daughter TikToks and her opinions are on fire
But the matron plays a character that must be respected
Keeping her job while others are re-selected
She reminds me of what may have come later
Of the original Supergirl, the esteemed Helen Slater

I would pose that she has a relation with the tweets
Cause I’m not convinced Trump either writes or reads
She would appear on the news shows and lend us a voice
And not answer questions but just sit and pose
The items that Trump would believe were patriotic
Like retweeting “white power” and more things idiotic

KellyAnne always looks like she just been at the carnival
Riding the rides going upside downable
But then appearing on camera and not being flustered
Like going to war with the army of Custer
She is not like Sarah Huckabee
She’s going the distance while others, they flee

She may have a pervasive reason for wanting to stay
Maybe she craves the power and won’t toss it away
Or maybe she purposely makes him seem even dumber
That sounds like a longshot but then again, he’s the Trumper
He misses the briefs that say Putin is meddling
When the cabinet says briefs, he thinks of his underlining

Everybody has had a boss like KellyAnne
Sometimes you take them but leave them if you can
She takes her lumps often, quite possibly without fail
Yet she stays loyal like SpongeBob’s Gary the Snail
So, KellyAnne Conway, not everybody hates you
The real stink your perfume masks is the specter with orange goo