Cam Newton

Rumors have it the Auburn Superman
Is taking his cape to play in BostAN
Donning the uniform of a team so hated
Even having a scandal about balls deflated
Sometimes you think of him as being mercurial
But his coach left so became the Carolina burial

Cam Newton was a talent transcendent
He could run and pass with Hall of Fame talent
He made multiple Pro Bowls and two Super dances
But he’s only thought of great with a short glances
When his experience parallels Brady in one respect
He’s only had one great receiver, the incomparable Steve Smith

Other than that, he’s been dragging his team
Across the finish line with a measure of sheen
Dressing for pressers like a runway model
If in New York, he would’ve been more lauded
But he was in Carolina where basketball is king
Even more now that Newton left the building

Now he is wearing the colors of America
Where black seems to lack a respect of
Rumors swirl about how the help is treated
And now the quarterback is the place were help is most needed.

Now he makes less money than journeyman Chase Daniel
Let me guess his middle name is possibly Nathaniel?
Seems like a PR move the Patriots would make
Spend a little and hope the dots bring fate
And make them a story of continual winning
With Cam Newton and his shoulder not wincing

And running because that line has some holes
Cam better have his Apollo Gold soles
And have some answers that are deeper than Tom
Winning cures everything like a reporter’s boredom

And would he don a hoody like the neighborhood Bill
He’s got too much class and charisma and skill
Bill’s got game planning on his computer
While his boss is playing footsy in Jupiter

Cam Newton, here’s hoping he finds his glory
Even if hating the team who wins the story
And when he starts to freeze in the cold
Keep thinking of Carolina and how they lost their soul