who gets the part?

A question was posed from a twitter fella
Could Daniel Craig play Nelson Mandela?
This was posed after a casting call
David Copperfield played by Dev Patel

Art is best defined as having no barriers
And what is chosen is who are the role carriers
But what was missing from the Mandela question
And what the public always fails to mention

If the production isn’t black then who gets the work?
It’s likely not any hue other than the color of a stork.
And what if a woman were the best candidate?
You can bet it takes a lot more than just blind faith

Hollywood as always been very much skewed
The usual color of white is what is always used
Unless the part calls for another prospective
Or a bankable Denzel hits the financial objective

And the woman who gets parts is usually 20 or 30
Once they hit 40, it’s like they’ve used up their beauty
When the truth is that they have much more depth
And not like an athlete who may have lost a step

But like the police, Hollywood is systemic
In their bias although not quite the epidemic
That Black Lives Matters needs to get to the forefront
Hollywood has always been a white man storefront

So when David Copperfield is played by a non white
We shouldn’t compare whether it is day or night
But what is the depth of the experience the role gets
And people will judge if the performance befits