Reggie Bush day

Reggie Bush is trending and it's the day
USC welcomes him after 10 years away
His only crime was that he wanted to get paid
And also lifting Leinart to the Cardinals dismay

He was a highlight reel when gliding like a dove
Made us forget the hand who didn't fit the glove
Made his team the greatest for one year and two
And stomped UCLA into gold and light blue goo

Lest we forget that he made Carroll a winner
After the Jets and Patriots made his resume thinner
And of course there's the spaghetti armed thrower
Who quaffed a few pints as a frequent party goer

Funny how one Bruin would be a connection
But O'Bannon's quest to get athletes more than a pension
Cause USC profited by the highlights of Bush
You can be sure that their coffers were filled with kush

While an athlete gets his awards disregarded
'Cause he gets paid for the reign that he started
Ruling college football while he set his cleat
An athlete taking money shouldn't be labeled a cheat

So here is the rush for reclaim Bush's glory
And hopefully there is some substance to this latest story
Get the athletes paid and take some coin off the schools
Who profited plenty off these old ridiculous rules