Break the engagement

I’m tired of all of the spam I receive
Asking from corporate what I learned or believe
Like I have all the time to give you a freebie
Maybe I now troll you in writing with need be

Reminds me of the survey taker Trip Advisor
They’d ask for your thoughts so they could be more wiser
Masking it as if they were helping the people
Making their brand a tourism steeple

Then the hotels and others followed suit
Trashing their comp set while making tiramsu
It’s all a game to appear more legitimite
Like everything online it’s more like a filament

Walking through the airport in the NOLA
I happened past a store and it wasn’t shangrala
It was a Trip Advisor storefront that sells all the books
That put you to sleep and make your head crooks

So they took all that branding and sold it for pennies
And gave it a store name like a burger from Wendy’s

So that’s what happens when they ghost on the public
They create value with their comments and rate click
While sending you a whole ton of mail de spam
And trying to block it like a Dwight Howard slam

So stop sending me ratings and requesting the feedback
Asking for comments and laying your train tracks
Get some engagement the old fashioned ways
Help the customer when they are in your face