LA no Confidential


People ask me what I think about today
And I hearken back to the trial of OJ
The courtroom full of bluster with loud booming
Surely there would be a change that was looming

The same was true cause the police were on trial
OJ with the smile and the glove in denial
As well as the people who thought he was with them
He might as well been the character Dick Whitman

And he go off and get off scott free
Only to someday post on Twitter TV
While the people of LA were left with the same taste
The police in LA have always profiled by race

Back in the days when they had concerts in Watts
Up to Rodney King who was beaten by cops
LA has always been racist above the surface
If there disenfranchised, the police will repurpose

Songs were made by the NWA
Movies like Colors about life in one day
In the end, it was lip service or a convo
Or a film to star Maria Conchita Alonso

So went Sean Penn with other countries to help
Cause this systemic problem went too far south
Even though he liked a little Hugo Chavez
Then to El Chapo before he got caught by the Feds

It’s a good thing we have this new generation
Cause they have the power to get this track changin’
It’s been a problem that has gone far too long
Maybe OJ has something to say about it, y’all.