White Fences


He’s a fence builder,, he’s a dense thinker.
His words have more meaning with Sarah Cooper.

He wants us to think he’s a bunker inspector.
Or that he’s not a white racist protector.

If your a Senator on his side of the aisle.
Your history will be the protector of a child.

Killer of way too many cause of the pandemic.
Eschewing the racism as everything but systemic.

He is the nightmare in the dreams of freedom.
Instead of democracy, he pushes for his fiefdom.

He holds up a book without knowing it’s contents.
He is the showboat gone nuclear and toxic.

The question isn’t when he can push him out.
Or what may come next out of his orange snout.

But if this nation can survive one more day
Of Der Fuhrer and his demented cosplay.