Brees believe me

6/6 Follow Up from Drew Brees in response to a tweet by Donald Trump.

Drew said something regrettable.
Drew said something unjust.
Drew than apologized and fell on his shield.
Not of the Saints or on the football field.
But of his employer who has his Hall Of Fame reel.
While colluding to fence out one who will kneel.
The NFL is one with the smarmy release.
Being America’s game and part of Trump’s largesse.
They had the chance to get in front of this message.
But then they invited Pence out of the behest of u guessed it.
And made the statement completely off base.
By claiming it was an attack on everything but race.
The NFL perpetuated this nonsense.
And now the players are understanding how unjust.
And that’s why people like the idea of pay.
While playing what amounts to be an innocent game.
And that’s great until something’s important.
And the masters control the thoughts by quotient.
That s where the statement that Brees comes about.
It may be a murmur but the content is a shout.
But don’t get it twisted cause the players were had.
The NFL was complicit in how things came to pass.