Times that matter

This nation loses sight on what the dais is saying.
Which is good cause of so much brick laying.’

Protests turn to noise and violence into looting.
Making the onlookers think all is polluting.

But the dust that rises is from the debris embedded.
All are sleeping except the people being targeted.

Now that people seem wide eyed and awoke.
Let’s keep the momentum and get out and vote.

And freedom of speech continue to carry the day.
Like Colin with a knee or mommas who pray.

Join together and hold the ones that grieve.
The disinformation is so hard to believe.

But all the platforms that are posting half lies.
Eventually come true if we lay down our lives

Don’t let the stink fool us cause they have a list.
This government is crooked and increasingly fascist.

They have an agenda and clear as white.
Harm all non’s through disease and spite.

The sooner we get what the crooked emote.
Let momentum carry through November and vote.