KellyAnne Conway

KellyAnne Conway is just doing a job.
She works for a authoritarian who doubles as a slob
Her husband calls the leader a frequent liar
Her daughter TikToks and her opinions are on fire
But the matron plays a character that must be respected
Keeping her job while others are re-selected
She reminds me of what may have come later
Of the original Supergirl, the esteemed Helen Slater

I would pose that she has a relation with the tweets
Cause I’m not convinced Trump either writes or reads
She would appear on the news shows and lend us a voice
And not answer questions but just sit and pose
The items that Trump would believe were patriotic
Like retweeting “white power” and more things idiotic

KellyAnne always looks like she just been at the carnival
Riding the rides going upside downable
But then appearing on camera and not being flustered
Like going to war with the army of Custer
She is not like Sarah Huckabee
She’s going the distance while others, they flee

She may have a pervasive reason for wanting to stay
Maybe she craves the power and won’t toss it away
Or maybe she purposely makes him seem even dumber
That sounds like a longshot but then again, he’s the Trumper
He misses the briefs that say Putin is meddling
When the cabinet says briefs, he thinks of his underlining

Everybody has had a boss like KellyAnne
Sometimes you take them but leave them if you can
She takes her lumps often, quite possibly without fail
Yet she stays loyal like SpongeBob’s Gary the Snail
So, KellyAnne Conway, not everybody hates you
The real stink your perfume masks is the specter with orange goo

Cam Newton

Rumors have it the Auburn Superman
Is taking his cape to play in BostAN
Donning the uniform of a team so hated
Even having a scandal about balls deflated
Sometimes you think of him as being mercurial
But his coach left so became the Carolina burial

Cam Newton was a talent transcendent
He could run and pass with Hall of Fame talent
He made multiple Pro Bowls and two Super dances
But he’s only thought of great with a short glances
When his experience parallels Brady in one respect
He’s only had one great receiver, the incomparable Steve Smith

Other than that, he’s been dragging his team
Across the finish line with a measure of sheen
Dressing for pressers like a runway model
If in New York, he would’ve been more lauded
But he was in Carolina where basketball is king
Even more now that Newton left the building

Now he is wearing the colors of America
Where black seems to lack a respect of
Rumors swirl about how the help is treated
And now the quarterback is the place were help is most needed.

Now he makes less money than journeyman Chase Daniel
Let me guess his middle name is possibly Nathaniel?
Seems like a PR move the Patriots would make
Spend a little and hope the dots bring fate
And make them a story of continual winning
With Cam Newton and his shoulder not wincing

And running because that line has some holes
Cam better have his Apollo Gold soles
And have some answers that are deeper than Tom
Winning cures everything like a reporter’s boredom

And would he don a hoody like the neighborhood Bill
He’s got too much class and charisma and skill
Bill’s got game planning on his computer
While his boss is playing footsy in Jupiter

Cam Newton, here’s hoping he finds his glory
Even if hating the team who wins the story
And when he starts to freeze in the cold
Keep thinking of Carolina and how they lost their soul

who gets the part?

A question was posed from a twitter fella
Could Daniel Craig play Nelson Mandela?
This was posed after a casting call
David Copperfield played by Dev Patel

Art is best defined as having no barriers
And what is chosen is who are the role carriers
But what was missing from the Mandela question
And what the public always fails to mention

If the production isn’t black then who gets the work?
It’s likely not any hue other than the color of a stork.
And what if a woman were the best candidate?
You can bet it takes a lot more than just blind faith

Hollywood as always been very much skewed
The usual color of white is what is always used
Unless the part calls for another prospective
Or a bankable Denzel hits the financial objective

And the woman who gets parts is usually 20 or 30
Once they hit 40, it’s like they’ve used up their beauty
When the truth is that they have much more depth
And not like an athlete who may have lost a step

But like the police, Hollywood is systemic
In their bias although not quite the epidemic
That Black Lives Matters needs to get to the forefront
Hollywood has always been a white man storefront

So when David Copperfield is played by a non white
We shouldn’t compare whether it is day or night
But what is the depth of the experience the role gets
And people will judge if the performance befits

Dave Chappelle

Dave Chappelle is a welcome voice
To the common times with uncommon noise
He was the one who pushed the cellphones off
To limit the noise in the audience to a cough

He soared to fame on the skit of Rick James
RIP to him and to Charlie Murphy the sames

He is incisive in his race commentary
While he dons the voice of a white nerdy
He has the rare gift to disarm any type
of person with his jokes and insight

He likes to talk about when he was Half Baked
And less likely about his grand escape
Which was one of what makes him stand out
When he walked he had achieved his most clout

And for whatever reason he took a hiatus
What made him stronger also appreciated his greatness
Anytime the man has something to say
Dave Chappelle, you’re welcome any day

Reggie Bush day

Reggie Bush is trending and it's the day
USC welcomes him after 10 years away
His only crime was that he wanted to get paid
And also lifting Leinart to the Cardinals dismay

He was a highlight reel when gliding like a dove
Made us forget the hand who didn't fit the glove
Made his team the greatest for one year and two
And stomped UCLA into gold and light blue goo

Lest we forget that he made Carroll a winner
After the Jets and Patriots made his resume thinner
And of course there's the spaghetti armed thrower
Who quaffed a few pints as a frequent party goer

Funny how one Bruin would be a connection
But O'Bannon's quest to get athletes more than a pension
Cause USC profited by the highlights of Bush
You can be sure that their coffers were filled with kush

While an athlete gets his awards disregarded
'Cause he gets paid for the reign that he started
Ruling college football while he set his cleat
An athlete taking money shouldn't be labeled a cheat

So here is the rush for reclaim Bush's glory
And hopefully there is some substance to this latest story
Get the athletes paid and take some coin off the schools
Who profited plenty off these old ridiculous rules

Break the engagement

I’m tired of all of the spam I receive
Asking from corporate what I learned or believe
Like I have all the time to give you a freebie
Maybe I now troll you in writing with need be

Reminds me of the survey taker Trip Advisor
They’d ask for your thoughts so they could be more wiser
Masking it as if they were helping the people
Making their brand a tourism steeple

Then the hotels and others followed suit
Trashing their comp set while making tiramsu
It’s all a game to appear more legitimite
Like everything online it’s more like a filament

Walking through the airport in the NOLA
I happened past a store and it wasn’t shangrala
It was a Trip Advisor storefront that sells all the books
That put you to sleep and make your head crooks

So they took all that branding and sold it for pennies
And gave it a store name like a burger from Wendy’s

So that’s what happens when they ghost on the public
They create value with their comments and rate click
While sending you a whole ton of mail de spam
And trying to block it like a Dwight Howard slam

So stop sending me ratings and requesting the feedback
Asking for comments and laying your train tracks
Get some engagement the old fashioned ways
Help the customer when they are in your face

LA no Confidential


People ask me what I think about today
And I hearken back to the trial of OJ
The courtroom full of bluster with loud booming
Surely there would be a change that was looming

The same was true cause the police were on trial
OJ with the smile and the glove in denial
As well as the people who thought he was with them
He might as well been the character Dick Whitman

And he go off and get off scott free
Only to someday post on Twitter TV
While the people of LA were left with the same taste
The police in LA have always profiled by race

Back in the days when they had concerts in Watts
Up to Rodney King who was beaten by cops
LA has always been racist above the surface
If there disenfranchised, the police will repurpose

Songs were made by the NWA
Movies like Colors about life in one day
In the end, it was lip service or a convo
Or a film to star Maria Conchita Alonso

So went Sean Penn with other countries to help
Cause this systemic problem went too far south
Even though he liked a little Hugo Chavez
Then to El Chapo before he got caught by the Feds

It’s a good thing we have this new generation
Cause they have the power to get this track changin’
It’s been a problem that has gone far too long
Maybe OJ has something to say about it, y’all.

Brees believe me

6/6 Follow Up from Drew Brees in response to a tweet by Donald Trump.

Drew said something regrettable.
Drew said something unjust.
Drew than apologized and fell on his shield.
Not of the Saints or on the football field.
But of his employer who has his Hall Of Fame reel.
While colluding to fence out one who will kneel.
The NFL is one with the smarmy release.
Being America’s game and part of Trump’s largesse.
They had the chance to get in front of this message.
But then they invited Pence out of the behest of u guessed it.
And made the statement completely off base.
By claiming it was an attack on everything but race.
The NFL perpetuated this nonsense.
And now the players are understanding how unjust.
And that’s why people like the idea of pay.
While playing what amounts to be an innocent game.
And that’s great until something’s important.
And the masters control the thoughts by quotient.
That s where the statement that Brees comes about.
It may be a murmur but the content is a shout.
But don’t get it twisted cause the players were had.
The NFL was complicit in how things came to pass.

White Fences


He’s a fence builder,, he’s a dense thinker.
His words have more meaning with Sarah Cooper.

He wants us to think he’s a bunker inspector.
Or that he’s not a white racist protector.

If your a Senator on his side of the aisle.
Your history will be the protector of a child.

Killer of way too many cause of the pandemic.
Eschewing the racism as everything but systemic.

He is the nightmare in the dreams of freedom.
Instead of democracy, he pushes for his fiefdom.

He holds up a book without knowing it’s contents.
He is the showboat gone nuclear and toxic.

The question isn’t when he can push him out.
Or what may come next out of his orange snout.

But if this nation can survive one more day
Of Der Fuhrer and his demented cosplay.

Times that matter

This nation loses sight on what the dais is saying.
Which is good cause of so much brick laying.’

Protests turn to noise and violence into looting.
Making the onlookers think all is polluting.

But the dust that rises is from the debris embedded.
All are sleeping except the people being targeted.

Now that people seem wide eyed and awoke.
Let’s keep the momentum and get out and vote.

And freedom of speech continue to carry the day.
Like Colin with a knee or mommas who pray.

Join together and hold the ones that grieve.
The disinformation is so hard to believe.

But all the platforms that are posting half lies.
Eventually come true if we lay down our lives

Don’t let the stink fool us cause they have a list.
This government is crooked and increasingly fascist.

They have an agenda and clear as white.
Harm all non’s through disease and spite.

The sooner we get what the crooked emote.
Let momentum carry through November and vote.