Miami Monofail

Place a bet is what Genting did
When they bought the Miami Herald spread

They knew one day that the shady would prevail
In South Florida they balance greed with potential jail

In 2012 they tried to legalize gambling
But they met some adversaries that had some cha-ching

They had an adversary that pretends to be mouse
who lives in Orlando auspiciously in the Disney house

And there were no peace pipes from the Seminole Tribe
They like their money from the Hard Rock just fine

So their dream of gambling would ebb to the tide
Now in 2020, during Covid, they’ve come alive

They played a new game plan and of course it had shade
They wined and dined the lame duck but not in Miami Dade

They concocted a plan that would put them on the map
A no bid contract with their own Monorail track.

Of course they spoke in terms unrecorded.
Even on trips that the taxpayers afforded.

And while they looked into this nebulous arrangement
The Commissioners voted to move into this estrangement

What would be the problem, there was one bid by a pro?
Surely in Miami, there would be no quid pro quo.

But, as it turns out, there was something shady
The Office of Inspectors sent a letter so stately

Maybe there should be a review of how this business transpires.
And think of who we go to bed with while lame duck aspires.

To be a senator to the whole bigger mass of people
And Genting will profit easier from a casino

It’s better to keep the devil where he can be seen
Which is why we should of voted back in 2013

To bring in a casino and tax them to death
And not have this indignant way of doing business again.