It’s a trick, it’s a trick.

It goes without saying.

The choice is to pass.

Let the other’s keep on playing.


Allow them to have.

A voice in the game.

Let them feel important.

While feeling exactly the same.


Let them feel the chill.

Like a wind in Chi-Town.

When they hear the noise.

They’ll know what’s going down.


Keeping up appearances.

Or also with the Jones.

When they send the invites.

You know that anything goes.


They bring all of their ammo.

And make lots of spittle.

They only wear their masks.

If it makes them look off kilter.


All of their posturing.

Is to illicit a reaction.

And when they take the bait.

They derive the satisfaction.


But they do after .

Is never much anew.

They always have the ingredients.

For their special dish of spew.