Cam Cameron Cam Cameron

Cam Cameron, Cam Cameron. 
Cam Cameron, Cam Cameron

The Fin fans craving for a tropical flavor
Cam Cameron not a 1- 15 savior

Cam Cameron drafted da whole family
He set da Fins back a whole frickin dynasty

Not that he didn’t help from so many others.
He was good enough to be a coach on the Chargers

And he made it to Harbaugh and the Ravens
Cam Cameron has stories like Cliff Clavens

The only story that escaped his curio
Was not going winless cause of Greg Camarillo

We thank Cameron for giving us some levity
The Miami fans have lost some sanity

And now we lost our pioneer Shula
He was the steak to Cameron’s taboola.

Cam Cameron is still on the flyer.
And he can coax a little Deon Dyer

He was the architect of fail forward fast
Cam left, but his teachings they last

They got a new coach, got a new thrower
But still bad ju-ju from the box of the owner

Hoping you don’t have one last theme
Cam Cameron is still my fav Fin Meme.