Miami Sports Radio DOA

Just a random opinion about news heard today.
Incited by a host moving to another foray.

Thinking of growing up with a hand on the dial.

When radio was relevant and people spoke with style.

But radio is a dinosaur and the end is certainly near.
If you’re here to make money, then get your act in gear.

People keep moving and formats keep changing.
And stations get eaten till only one will be standing.

Like one of the weaklings with the number 1210.
Where it’s found or the year they’re broadcasting?

Hiring one jock whose language can’t be saved.
Yearning for the days of Moe Howard Davi-a-did.

Naming the station the braggadocious “The Man”
Like Senor Dunces clowning with a handstand.

Ain’t it obvious what sports radio tends to be.
Shimmying to a bar while slurring to a lady.

Talking about Hurricanes, the football playing one.

Only they haven’t been relevant since 2001.

And those twinkies who flop, like Los Marleens.
They’ve been fish food, eaten like Ben and Jerry’s.

Just like the Dolphins, tripping all over each other.
They play football like they’re holding hands with their Mother.

Sports radio on the decline and it was predicted.
Uncle Neil would have crammed an ice pick through it.

Not a limp hockey stick like the Panthers seem to use.
Never the playoffs with seemingly always no clue.

Miami Sports is the Heat and maybe a soccer ball
Maybe Big O was right about futbol after all.

He’s jammed it in our heads for seemingly forever
But Miami sports radio is a dead Covid cadaver.