The line of 6′

Get back, step back, observe the line
Get back, consider you’re a threat to mankind

Maybe you’re healthy and in really good shape
Or maybe the virus hasn’t quite figured out your taste

Whatever it is let me make my case
Get back, step back and give me some space

I understand that things are on your mind
And thoughts turn dark because of the time

Giving you pause and not getting a breath
It’s hard to live when all you hear is death

Corona use to be a theme for libation
Now I’m telling you to give me salvation

Get back, step back, there’s a barrier to observe
Get back and review our joint force majeure

I don’t mean to sound like I’m being abrupt
But get back, step back cause I’ve had enough

Many people don’t get why it’s callous
We live in a country where POTUS is a big phallic

And while he worries about the ratings of his press
Families are languishing and living in distress

And I don’t want to be one of those who is stricken
So get back, step back and let my heart keep on tickin.

PS: Lorenz Omondi, thank you for subscribing 🙂