Miami Monofail

Place a bet is what Genting did
When they bought the Miami Herald spread

They knew one day that the shady would prevail
In South Florida they balance greed with potential jail

In 2012 they tried to legalize gambling
But they met some adversaries that had some cha-ching

They had an adversary that pretends to be mouse
who lives in Orlando auspiciously in the Disney house

And there were no peace pipes from the Seminole Tribe
They like their money from the Hard Rock just fine

So their dream of gambling would ebb to the tide
Now in 2020, during Covid, they’ve come alive

They played a new game plan and of course it had shade
They wined and dined the lame duck but not in Miami Dade

They concocted a plan that would put them on the map
A no bid contract with their own Monorail track.

Of course they spoke in terms unrecorded.
Even on trips that the taxpayers afforded.

And while they looked into this nebulous arrangement
The Commissioners voted to move into this estrangement

What would be the problem, there was one bid by a pro?
Surely in Miami, there would be no quid pro quo.

But, as it turns out, there was something shady
The Office of Inspectors sent a letter so stately

Maybe there should be a review of how this business transpires.
And think of who we go to bed with while lame duck aspires.

To be a senator to the whole bigger mass of people
And Genting will profit easier from a casino

It’s better to keep the devil where he can be seen
Which is why we should of voted back in 2013

To bring in a casino and tax them to death
And not have this indignant way of doing business again.

Is it a surprise they deadened the slander?

Is it a surprise they deadened the slander?
When every other tweet ends with a gate.
Always opening the door to a new form of hate.
Pulling away the cheese from a mouse and.
Maybe he’ll remember the fallen 100,000.
But he has no conscious, much less any brain cells.
Except when rallying his legion of dumbbells.
Taking his advice like a shot of insulin.
All we can muster is another chagrin.
Of voting this supposed leader of people.
Who begs us to visit a house with a steeple.
While we take a mulligan to the rest of the world.
When he putts, can we all say “squirrel”?



Trump vs. the video

Trump versus the video.
The bile against the weapon of techno.
The outbursts brings race to the forefront.
The video stops the claims from a manhunt.
Amy Cooper’s are all over this country.
Following their leader and his mind fuckery.
The only protection is sometimes a phone.
Cause usually the defense is one man’s alone.
Especially when the man is of color.
During this term with the joker as commander.
Trump vs the video is a war that will escalate.
From Epstein to Apprentice to now wearing face paint.

POTUS Emotus

What is tbe point of calling him a liar?
Like throwing a critique as a unfolded flyer?

Lifelessly floating in the air to the ground
Harmlessly touching, no remorse to be found.

When there is not a chance of retraction.
And the majority have the same reaction?

And it emboldens the masses who drink .at his trough
His narcissism has proven to be enough.

What is the point of glorifying his claim.
Especially on the medium that limits the same



It’s a trick, it’s a trick.

It goes without saying.

The choice is to pass.

Let the other’s keep on playing.


Allow them to have.

A voice in the game.

Let them feel important.

While feeling exactly the same.


Let them feel the chill.

Like a wind in Chi-Town.

When they hear the noise.

They’ll know what’s going down.


Keeping up appearances.

Or also with the Jones.

When they send the invites.

You know that anything goes.


They bring all of their ammo.

And make lots of spittle.

They only wear their masks.

If it makes them look off kilter.


All of their posturing.

Is to illicit a reaction.

And when they take the bait.

They derive the satisfaction.


But they do after .

Is never much anew.

They always have the ingredients.

For their special dish of spew.

A dose of Hydroxy

He takes the hydroxy, he takes the zinc
He talks out of turn and acts out of synch

He takes the zinc, he takes the hydroxy
He is husky and acts on hypocrisy

His minion Graham wants to open the gates
Into Obama, the man he openly hates

About the man who gives good commencement
He won’t unveil the portrait of the man he is less than

He chases the dreams of rave reviews
That only Fox gives while sucking on fumes

He fires at will people and tweets
The only one safe is Barr without oaths

And even he has a job that’s tenuous 
If he’s candid and stops being nebulous

He takes the zync, he takes the hydroxy
He gets the votes because of misplaced moxie

He takes the hydroxy, he takes the zync.
And tomorrow, he’ll bring a new stink.

Cam Cameron Cam Cameron

Cam Cameron, Cam Cameron. 
Cam Cameron, Cam Cameron

The Fin fans craving for a tropical flavor
Cam Cameron not a 1- 15 savior

Cam Cameron drafted da whole family
He set da Fins back a whole frickin dynasty

Not that he didn’t help from so many others.
He was good enough to be a coach on the Chargers

And he made it to Harbaugh and the Ravens
Cam Cameron has stories like Cliff Clavens

The only story that escaped his curio
Was not going winless cause of Greg Camarillo

We thank Cameron for giving us some levity
The Miami fans have lost some sanity

And now we lost our pioneer Shula
He was the steak to Cameron’s taboola.

Cam Cameron is still on the flyer.
And he can coax a little Deon Dyer

He was the architect of fail forward fast
Cam left, but his teachings they last

They got a new coach, got a new thrower
But still bad ju-ju from the box of the owner

Hoping you don’t have one last theme
Cam Cameron is still my fav Fin Meme.

Miami Sports Radio DOA

Just a random opinion about news heard today.
Incited by a host moving to another foray.

Thinking of growing up with a hand on the dial.

When radio was relevant and people spoke with style.

But radio is a dinosaur and the end is certainly near.
If you’re here to make money, then get your act in gear.

People keep moving and formats keep changing.
And stations get eaten till only one will be standing.

Like one of the weaklings with the number 1210.
Where it’s found or the year they’re broadcasting?

Hiring one jock whose language can’t be saved.
Yearning for the days of Moe Howard Davi-a-did.

Naming the station the braggadocious “The Man”
Like Senor Dunces clowning with a handstand.

Ain’t it obvious what sports radio tends to be.
Shimmying to a bar while slurring to a lady.

Talking about Hurricanes, the football playing one.

Only they haven’t been relevant since 2001.

And those twinkies who flop, like Los Marleens.
They’ve been fish food, eaten like Ben and Jerry’s.

Just like the Dolphins, tripping all over each other.
They play football like they’re holding hands with their Mother.

Sports radio on the decline and it was predicted.
Uncle Neil would have crammed an ice pick through it.

Not a limp hockey stick like the Panthers seem to use.
Never the playoffs with seemingly always no clue.

Miami Sports is the Heat and maybe a soccer ball
Maybe Big O was right about futbol after all.

He’s jammed it in our heads for seemingly forever
But Miami sports radio is a dead Covid cadaver.

The line of 6′

Get back, step back, observe the line
Get back, consider you’re a threat to mankind

Maybe you’re healthy and in really good shape
Or maybe the virus hasn’t quite figured out your taste

Whatever it is let me make my case
Get back, step back and give me some space

I understand that things are on your mind
And thoughts turn dark because of the time

Giving you pause and not getting a breath
It’s hard to live when all you hear is death

Corona use to be a theme for libation
Now I’m telling you to give me salvation

Get back, step back, there’s a barrier to observe
Get back and review our joint force majeure

I don’t mean to sound like I’m being abrupt
But get back, step back cause I’ve had enough

Many people don’t get why it’s callous
We live in a country where POTUS is a big phallic

And while he worries about the ratings of his press
Families are languishing and living in distress

And I don’t want to be one of those who is stricken
So get back, step back and let my heart keep on tickin.

PS: Lorenz Omondi, thank you for subscribing 🙂

The rise of the new buffet era

I write about the death of the buffet.
It’s the latest that the Corona has slayed.

Use to be you had a choice of entrees.
Now it’s shuttered with the words “Go Aways”

Picking at the food may cause a cough outbreak
Instead of getting a choice of beef steak

Choice of life or grabbing a side dish
Eating with PPE can’t be delish

Use to listen to One Direction
Now its a order unless you want infection.

Tired of all of the Corona madness.
But wear the mask and hold back the sadness.

And be safe until this thing boils over.
And hope the buffet returns to a healthy fa-vore.