Identity Theft Statistics

Getting older means having to be more attune to the dangers of identity theft. Here are some statistics procured about this tragic crime, provided by LegalShield.

The five common types of identity theft: Financial, Criminal and Character, Employment/Social Security, Medical, and Driver’s License.

  • The average dollar amount charged in identity theft: $92, 893.
  • The average amount of time spent repairing a stolen identity: 607 hours.
  • There are over 10 million victims of identity theft every year (27,000 victims per day).
  • The FTC reported that identity theft has been the number 1 complaint by consumers for 11 straight years!

My aunt, back in the innocent 1990s, was a victim of Social Security theft when she was in her eighties. At that time, the general populace was just starting to understand the threat and the damage it could cause to one’s self esteem and time to repair the damage. At that time, as in today, the victim is the guilty party, in the eyes of the creditors, until they prove their innocence.

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