Docking Jockeying Station Notes

The natives will take advantage of the weak and the naive. Especially in a competitive job market like Metro Miami. Keep these things in mind when your eyes purvey the listings that may seduce you and lose you. From the latest experience.

  1. Beware of the lucrative titles that may have double meaning (i.e. Account Manager). We learned that this term doesn’t mean a one corporate account but for many household accounts. In an earlier day, a Account Representative, Customer Service title may have been used but this new day Account Manager term seems nefarious.
  2. If the website says nothing, then the value may also be lacking. Do the research and visit the business site and see how current it is, what the theme is and, most importantly, what the company is about. If you read 500 words in about us and still wonder what they’re about, that’s a red flag signaling to slow down and let the manatees swim.
  3. The interview comes and one, two, three, and six show up at the same time, that is not an interview, that is a cattle call. Do Ce Do the heck out of there.
  4. If the interview is late, make the call. What is the value proposition? Is having a chance at a second interview the important get or is it time? The important message about time is that the person not valuing your time is the same person that will drive a hard bargain about their time. Does that mean jet? No, that means be aware of what you might be dealing with and evaluate throughout the decision process.