Coconut Grove Arts Festival

If planning an alternative to espying watercrafts, the Coconut Grove Art Festival brings the bohemian to the Boat Shows yacht dreamy-ing. While the event eventually will name the musicians (Emily Estafan) who will perform at various times, the showstoppers will always be the art that speaks without a larynx or an amp. Many have askedContinue reading “Coconut Grove Arts Festival”


Identity Theft Statistics

Getting older means having to be more attune to the dangers of identity theft. Here are some statistics procured about this tragic crime, provided by LegalShield. The five common types of identity theft: Financial, Criminal and Character, Employment/Social Security, Medical, and Driver’s License. The average dollar amount charged in identity theft: $92, 893. TheContinue reading “Identity Theft Statistics”

Docking Jockeying Station Notes

The natives will take advantage of the weak and the naive. Especially in a competitive job market like Metro Miami. Keep these things in mind when your eyes purvey the listings that may seduce you and lose you. From the latest experience. Beware of the lucrative titles that may have double meaning (i.e. Account Manager).Continue reading “Docking Jockeying Station Notes”